Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe that Classical Music is one of the greatest human inventions. It is the miracle that drives people to achieve, brings up feelings and memories, sets the mood in life, celebrates, commemorates.

Classical Music is also a precious ecosystem built by various people and organizations. It has been around for very long time, surviving all cataclysms in the human history.

Durable by nature, it needs help to keep up with the dynamics of the civilization and continue its mission of beautiful art.

A group of Classical Music enthusiasts with diverse background had set the goal to build online place for people and organizations in the Classical Music ecosystem where they can promote own goals and achievement, create and keep lasting memories, connect with fans, colleagues, agents, contractors, to find or offer that products and services for becoming more successful and more satisfied.

OperaInfo.com is a global online place for Classical Music.


Its creators have dedicated years of studies and research to design a place that offers help and enables own talents.


OperaInfo Team